Worth the Risk - Robin Bielman I'm a sucker for reunited love stories, and that's what this one was. At first, I couldn't figure out why they'd let five years go by. I understood why Sam didn't track Dean down, but I didn't get why he didn't track her down. But he had, and he'd made a huge assumption when he found her, so he gave up.

I thought the backstory was an interesting idea -- to rehabilitate and reinvigorate Route 66 as a national landmark -- though what they were competing against each other for was less interesting than their reigniting the spark from five years before. And once that spark was lit, I don't think an entire ocean could put it out. It was sweet to see that their attraction and love just grew stronger over time, even though they hadn't seen or talked to each other.

Very sweet ending even though I wish Sam had gotten the contract. Though I suppose it would have been a different ending to get them back together if that had been the case. Cute romance. Not much of a steam factor, but that's OK... it was cute.