Hot Secrets - Lisa Renee Jones This was a freebie, and while the story was enjoyable, this is another SPA that could really use a good editor/proofreader.

Lauren is the Assistant DA daughter of a senator. Her father is married to a woman who is all about appearances and has a son about Lauren's age from a previous marriage. Sharon, Lauren's step-mother, has Lauren's father wrapped around her little finger. Lauren's family believes Lauren is wasting her talents as a public servant. They all believe she should have joined her father's firm, but Lauren wanted to feel like she was really making a difference. And she wants to do it on her own, not resting on her father's laurels to be successful at her job.

Recently, she's been receiving strange phone calls. Apparently, her father has as well, because he's asked Royce to look into it and keep Lauren safe. Once Lauren and Royce meet face-to-face, sparks fly, but Lauren doesn't know her father has Royce looking into anything. This is the "big secret". Lauren's father didn't hire Royce, but Royce is certain that if Lauren finds out her father had anything to do with him being around her, she'd shut him out. And she would have, so I can't blame Royce for keeping that tidbit to himself.

Lauren's stalker escalates his torment over time, and Royce is there to help her deal with everything. Even when she does find out about the link between Royce and her father and does actually push him away. The resolution was a little abrupt, but ultimately, it was a sweet, sexy story. Would have been a lot nicer if I didn't have to figure out pauses and inflection due to missing punctuation.