Come Undone (Rock Hard, #1) - Madelynne Ellis There's something about rocker stories that I enjoy, especially when the other person surprises them. I can imagine that rock stars are used to people just wanting to take from them, whether it's time or money or notoriety, just to say "I was with so-and-so". So it must be a little disconcerting and intriguing when someone is obviously into you, but not interested in the sex as everyone else seems to be. She's definitely a fangirl, but she has her line she won't cross. Of course, part of that is because she has issues with nudity as well as her scars, both physical and mental.

I felt really bad for Xane, with how his girlfriend, Elspeth, and best friend/lover, Steve, ran off and got married. Elspeth is apparently a pretty good manipulator for how she finagled Xane and Steve together and then secretly married Steve. I can see how them not even telling Xane before a show could easily affect Xane's performance as well as his motivation to stay with the band. I can almost understand his refusal to speak to his band mates, especially with how they were reacting to everything, as if Xane had no cause to be upset. They seemed to have no consideration for Xane's feelings and it was all about how he should just get over it so they can play a few more shows. Seemed quite selfish on their part.

Dani was just in the right place at the right time. Without Xane knowing it, Xane's music and lyrics have been Dani's comfort for years. She was essentially raised in a cult/commune of man-haters. These women were super strict morally, and as Dani rebelled, they punished her physically. But Xane's music was sort of her escape from her life. Now in college and with the opportunity to sneak into Black Halo's concert, she literally runs into Xane who happens to need a getaway. He's quite rude to her (he believes she's like every other groupie who wants something from him), and ultimately propositions her, but she turns him down, which gets his attention right away. And makes him look closer, and he really likes what he sees. And then Dani bails on him, so he tracks her down and whisks her away to Monaco, where they get even closer.

This story ends on a bit of a cliffhanger, but not an "OMG WTF" cliffhanger. More like a "What will happen now?" cliffhanger. I'm very interested in how Dani resolves Xane's bisexuality, since it's been such an issue due to her history. I also really wonder if she'll track down her dad to get his side of the story now that her eyes have been opened a little more. And I wonder what will happen to Black Halo at this point. So I'm apparently going to have to read the next one. Well played, Ms. Ellis, lol!

(It was nice to see the trio from [b:Anything But Vanilla|18206355|Anything But Vanilla|Madelynne Ellis||18626940] for a bit as well!)