Hidden Depths - Aubrianna Hunter This was surprisingly good, but then I'm becoming jaded. If it's a new-to-me author (especially if it's self-published), I go into it expecting mediocre, so if it's a good story and not riddled with grammar and other issues, I'm a happy girl. And I'm a happy girl with this one.

First, word of warning... this book starts out with a bit of cheating. Josh is engaged to a girl he thinks his parents approve of. There's no real passion between them, and he's really just following a path he thinks his parents have laid out for him. But he's attracted to Gia (has been for years), who on the surface seems so wrong for him. Upon getting a tattoo from her, Josh and Gia kiss, and immediately call it a mistake. When Josh can't get the kiss out of his head, his best friend suggests that maybe he should do it again... to either make sure it was a mistake so he can put it behind him, or realize there could really be something there and avoid entering a marriage that is doomed. So he does, and it's massive sparks. So Josh calls off the engagement and tries really hard to make something real with Gia.

But Gia has a rough history and she doesn't think she's good enough for Josh. There's not really any amount of talking that could make her think things could really work with Josh, considering the ritzy world he lives in and her preconceived notions about what he wants long term. Gia didn't give Josh nearly enough credit, and I felt really bad for Josh, thinking he's more or less Gia's "dirty little secret". He wanted to shout it from the rooftops, but she wanted to keep things quiet, even among their close friends. (And, by the way, their friends aren't stupid.)

So it finally ended with an HEA, but it took a bit to get there. Lots of sexy times... Josh had been a closeted dominant... he'd tried to keep those tendencies under wraps, but Gia just brought it to the forefront when they were together. And Gia loved to submit to Josh. It was pretty steamy! But I was glad to see them work everything out.