Wicked Beat - Olivia Cunning So, I think I'm probably in the minority with this one, but I got bored with this story. I skimmed. It just got to be too much, too often. I wanted more story, less role playing. But then role playing is not a kink I particularly care about, so maybe that was most of the problem.

I was glad that the band gave Rebekah a shot at her brother's job. I felt bad for Eric for a while because of his desire for her but her desire for Trey. But then it seemed like the whole Trey thing was just dropped. And Eric never questioned it again, which seemed strange to me. Maybe he was just going with the flow and scraping up what little crumbs he thought he'd get from Rebekah before she decided he wasn't worth it?

I also appreciated Rebekah's methods with Eric. I thought she was extremely patient with him, but then I guess he was with her as well since she didn't want any vaginal penetration for a while. But her approach to helping Eric with his "problem" seemed to be pretty effective.

I dunno... it was a sweet story and I was glad to see Rebekah and Eric get their HEA, I just found myself bored. ~shrugs~