Making It Last - Ruthie Knox This was good, but definitely not fluffy. Very heavy subject matter. Having been married for almost 20 years, I could identify with their circumstances somewhat. Though I've never been a SAHM -- I'm the breadwinner in my family. I can imagine feeling consumed by your family's needs to the point that you sort of lose yourself a little bit. And I can imagine that loss would definitely impact your relationship with your significant other.

The basic thing Tony and Amber having going for them is their deep love for each other. Even though Amber had become more or less a shell of her former self, she never doubted Tony's love for her and never considered a life without him or the boys. I felt bad for Tony, that he doubted her love and thought it would be so easy to walk away from him, but that stems from how he was raised.

I loved that Amber's family gave Tony a shove to try to make things right. And I loved the little "stranger/hookup" thing Tony and Amber did. It was cute. And then they came crashing back to reality again. I was glad that Amber could finally tell Tony what she needed and that Tony was open to making changes to make some of those things happen.

This was a good story, and like Ms. Knox's note at the end said, it's one that needs to be told every once in a while. It's not all sunshine and roses after a couple get together, and people do change over time. I felt like Ms. Knox captured the struggles of a lengthy relationship very well. I can't say I enjoyed this, per se, because it was a little depressing, lol. My heart was breaking for them from start to pretty much the finish. But the story left the reader with a solid hope that Amber and Tony could make it because their love was so strong.