Worth Everything - Karen Erickson I enjoyed this one. I liked that Stasia never once considered Gavin's background to be beneath her. I liked that she wasn't after money, that she just wanted to know her new brothers. I could sympathize with her feeling "lost" -- her father had seen to that by insisting she could no longer work with her brothers. Or half-brothers, as it turned out to be. I felt really horrible for Stasia for having to bear the brunt of Claudia's actions. I can understand why Claudia didn't come clean, but I can't understand Giorgio turning his back on the woman who he honestly thought had been his daughter for years. He raised her and then basically cut her off because of something her mother did. It's not like Stasia had any choice in the matter... she was the result of the matter.

I can kind of understand why the Worth brothers were so hesistant to talk to her. I can understand, being wealthy people, that people probably constantly try to pull one over on them. And since the Renaldis had been their sort of rivals in the fashion world, that the youngest would simply want to know them as people instead of claim a piece of the pie... I can see them questioning her sincerity.

I really enjoyed watching the relationship between Stasia and Gavin grow. I wanted to smack her hard when she essentially tossed him aside. I guess maybe I get being scared, but then what? You're not going to just forget everything about this person! Talk to each other, people! ;-)

Anyway, it ended up very sweet and I was glad for their HEA.