One Night with a Hero - Laura Kaye This was really sweet, though angsty. We have Joss, a spirited girl with piercings, who has lived a rough life in foster care. Now she works with kids in a community center. She just saw her ex-boyfriend and his pregnant wife, and it's hit her hard because she feels like that's just one more person in her life who didn't want her. Brady is in the Army. He's typically a lone wolf because he had a rough childhood as well. He lost his mom when he was 17, and then his father to alcoholism. His father didn't die, but he might as well have. Brady has anger management issues as well as feeling like he can never have a wife or family. He doesn't think he has the capacity to handle that. So when Brady comes across Joss feeling melancholy about seeing her ex, he's drawn to her to try to make her happier. They exchange some witty banter, and he makes plans to come back with food to watch the Labor Day fireworks show. She doesn't think he'll really return, but when he does, she's pleased. Sparks have been flying since they met, and she throws caution to the wind and decides she needs what she expects to be a one night stand.

Interestingly, though, they come face to face the next morning when they realize they're next door neighbors. Doh! And of course the chemistry is still there, and they do what comes naturally. And then Brady pushes her away. And then it happens again. I felt so bad for Joss... Brady couldn't know it, but him pushing her away kept reinforcing her own belief that she wasn't lovable. And Joss couldn't know it, but Brady was trying to keep a distance because he was afraid he couldn't be what she needed. Finally, Joss stands up for herself and cuts Brady off. And Brady realizes he needs to deal with a lot of stuff before he can think about trying to make things right with Joss.

I loved watching Brady worm his way back into Joss's life. And I loved to see him sort of let his guard down with her. And I was very happy to see them get their HEA. It was a hard fought HEA and they both deserved it.