Temporary Arrangement - Karen  Erickson OK I liked this, I really did. It was just too short. I know, I know, it's a prequel, and this one definitely fit the definition of prequel. One could argue it's a complete story, and it is, I just wanted more. Which I guess is what a prequel is supposed to do... make me want to read more of the series. Mission accomplished. I have to read #1 in the series now to see what happens between these two. I'm just not quite sure why this couldn't just be part of the first book? Many of the prequels to series I've read recently are an overall introduction to the cast of characters, not focusing on any given character or couple. But this one is all about how the couple in the first one meet, and things that happen (I guess) before the first one starts. Nothing else really about the rest of the family. Maybe when I read the first one, I'll understand why this couldn't just be part of that story?