Lick - Kylie Scott I really, really enjoyed this. It was a group read or I might not have picked it for myself. Not because of the subject matter (who doesn't like a rock star?), but because it's a new-to-me author, and I've just been burned by so many "not up to par" authors recently that I hesitate to try new. Sad, I know. BUT this one was a great story. For the most part, it felt realistic -- how Ev reacted to David, how someone could possibly NOT want all his money, how she felt so out of place in his world, his trust issues, etc. I think that David rushing into marriage in Vegas might have been a stretch considering who he was as well as his history, but that's how it started. Everything after that made sense.

I really liked how strong Ev seemed to be. I liked that she didn't let David's attorneys walk all over her. I liked that she gave her and David's relationship a shot. I liked how she reacted to the revelation about Martha. I liked that she didn't just go all gooey for David and she gave as good as she got with him, which was probably one of the things David liked so much about her. I liked that David was able to sort of clue Ev into the fact that her grand plan may not really be her own. I liked that the story kept moving, and I really liked where it ended up.

I definitely look forward to more in this series, and I'm likely going to check out this author's other books now.