Exposed - Kyra Davis This one picks up where #1 left off and Dave is being a total dick. I find it very hard to believe he felt anything for Kasie at this point. I get it -- he's humiliated by what she's done. He's humiliated that anyone else knows about it. And he's pissed. I get it. But if he really expects to still marry Kasie, how does he think they'll ever have a relationship -- that he'll ever be really happy with her -- if he treats her like this now?

I was glad when Robert came and "rescued" her, and things seemed to go along quite well. She and Robert were building their relationship stronger while Dave was still in the wings, planning his revenge. Dave wasn't really willing go to up against Robert though. It looks like Kasie has been able to stage things so Dave will leave her alone while leaving her reputation intact. But then Kasie's boss, Tom, seems to become a problem... one that Robert can take care of easily, even though Kasie never asked him to. And once Kasie sees how Robert takes care of him, she can't deal with Tom's utter destruction.

Again, a couple of wording issues that jarred me from the story. But again, just a couple. It's just when something is so well written otherwise, it just jumps out at me when it happens!