Double Her Fantasy - Randi Alexander This was a really sweet menage with brothers. Megan has kept herself mostly out of the spotlight for most of her life due to a stalker issue when she was in college. But she's a well-known comic book artist, so she makes a yearly appearance at a convention. This year, she happens to be in the same hotel, riding the same elevator as a popular actor, Garret, and while she's a little star-struck, he's a little assholish. And when all the fans begin to call her name instead of his, he kinda realizes he's been an asshole and looks more closely at her, trying to figure out why people are calling her name. Garret's brother is there with him, acting as his manager, and Trey instantly recognizes Megan as someone they could both be interested in. If she'll just give them a shot. Which she does.

It was a bit insta-love, but it was sweetly done and not too syrupy. The sex was hot, the boys just protective enough. It was enjoyable.