Claimed by Him: A Billionaire's Club Story - Red Garnier Somewhere between 3-1/2 and 4. I'm getting a little over angry alphas. I'm just not sure why they have to be angry sometimes. In this case, the dude thinks the girl he wants is off limits because she is his best friend's little sister. And he's angry because she's shown up at his apartment when he expected someone used to his sexual tastes to sort of work off his want of the girl. And she has to push him to admit the attraction. He grew up in less than ideal circumstances and made a great success of himself. She grew up in the lap of luxury but had saved herself for him. Once that was all done, though, Graves was really sweet! For someone who thought he had no clue how to do relationships, he was a fast learner. It was a sweet story, and I enjoyed it. I guess I just expected, with all the talk of his sexual tastes, that he'd ask for more than just her wrists bound. But maybe that speaks to how different she was to him than any of his other lovers.

I'll probably continue with the series, because I'm interested to see how the rest of the guys find their matches.