Rock Chick Renegade - Kristen Ashley Another enjoyable installment of the Rock Chicks. I think it's funny that not only are the men overbearing and aggressive when they decide they want someone, but the women are, too, now! Here Jules hasn't ever really let anyone get close to her, and the Rock Chicks descend as soon as they realize Vance is interested. Kinda cracked me up, and while they were pushy, they were also sweet.

I thought about Friends and Ross and Rachel and the "We were on a break!" episode after Luke made his move. I can totally see why Jules thought they were broken up. First and foremost, she'd said it. But second, she hadn't heard from him. I was really glad Jules shut that down.

I was really happy that Dawn got fired. I'm still waiting for Elvira to show up. Now they have Shirleen, which I think will make for some entertainment. I was very pleasantly surprised that Darius joined Lee. I also thought how Jules played a part in getting Darius out of what he was into was really great. And she wasn't even trying... she was just doing what she did.

Anyhoo... like I said, another enjoyable installment. And we didn't even have the idiotic heroine who just ignored everyone and got herself into trouble. She did get herself into trouble, but she was a pretty bad mamma jamma. :-) And the BIG trouble she got herself into was after she'd decided to get herself out of the potential for trouble.

Looking forward to the next one!