Conviction (Club Destiny, #1) - Nicole Edwards OK so I did like this story, I really did. I thought the sexy parts were really sexy and well done. I felt like there should have been more discussion about the threesomes (and moresomes) before they just happened. It always seemed like he got her all nice and sated with him and at least one other person before giving her bad news. Like he thought she'd take off or something so he had to get one more in. And even once they happened, there didn't seem to be any discussion about them. She's kinda freaking out in her head, and for him it's old hat.

The other thing that bugged me about this was the editing. I'm sorry... I'm one of "those people" who can't just ignore errors. And it wasn't just a few. If I hadn't read [b:Kaleb|17181891|Kaleb (Alluring Indulgence, #1)|Nicole Edwards||23628682] first and known it had the potential to be a good story, I might have DNFed it in the first chapter. But the potential was there, so I continued, and I am glad I didn't set it down. But just for posterity, shuttering is something done to a house, not a person. And if you call Cardio Barbie Brittany in one spot, I don't expect her name to change to Bridget later. Those are just two instances I can remember.

Despite that, I enjoyed the story. While the sexy bits were definitely hot, sometimes they just felt a bit disjointed. Won't stop me from reading the next in the series, though!