Then, Again - Karen Stivali This was a really sweet story. Kay, a professional, jet-setting photographer, used to spend summers with her grandmother. She's been called home from a shoot early because her grandmother died. Instead of getting the support and comfort she should have from her boyfriend of three years, she comes home to find him romancing another woman. And that was not the first woman. Bastard. So Kay sets off to stay at her grandmother's home, which has been left to her.

While there, she reconnects with James, who is six years her senior. She she was young and gangly, she had a huge crush on him. He knew, but of course, she was so much younger than him. Once she blossomed, though, he took notice. Unfortunately, she was involved with someone else. Now that she's back and neither are attached, they embark on this relationship, both of them trying to keep it casual because Kay knows she'll eventually go back to work. Her ex blamed her constantly being gone for his infidelity (like I said, bastard), so she doesn't think it can work between her and James. And James just got out of a lengthy relationship and thinks he needs to focus his time and energy on his new restaurant. But of course love doesn't always happen on schedule.

Very sweet story with a nice HEA. Decently steamy parts as well.