Dirty Distractions - Cari Quinn This was a sweet read. We have Sara, who has temporarily moved in with her best friend, Kim, and Kim's much younger brother, Brad. Sara is a zoologist with a doctorate. Brad is a mechanic with his own garage. Brad has it bad for Sara and flirts with her shamelessly. Sara tries to fend off Brad's advances because he's so much younger and her best friend's brother, but things heat up when she gets sick and Brad sweetly cares for her. Only problem is that Sara wants to keep what's happening between them a secret (because she thinks it's a fling) and Brad's not so big on lies... even the kind by omission. So that's really the conflict in this one. That, and Sara coming to terms with the idea that Brad might be more than just a fling, and Brad trying to figure out if he's good enough for her. And between lots of steamy sex, they figure it all out and it's good.