Falling For Finn - Jackie Ashenden This was a sweet story, but some parts fell flat for me. Finn and Anna were definitely hot together, but I thought Anna's request of Finn was unrealistic AND unfair. I also thought Anna cutting Finn (and her best friend) out of her life for six months after a life-changing experience -- while still living in the same city -- was unrealistic. If they were that close -- Finn and Anna had been friends for 20 years -- would Finn really not have tracked her down to figure out WTF?

And once Finn gave in to her request, knowing how he felt about her, how did she really think he'd be able to compartmentalize everything? And how horrible for Finn that she would just get up and run away afterward? I got kind of tired of that as well as Finn's responses of anger. Every single time. And there were multiple times.

I still enjoyed the story, and I felt for both of the characters, it was just those couple of things that bugged me.