Craving - Cara McKenna Another vignette with Caroly and Didier. In this one, it's Caroly's point of view again. Caroly and Didier's relationship started as whore/patron, but Caroly's tastes were (literally) very virginal, so they haven't really delved much into what is in his trunk of toys that other women ask for. This vignette was sort of opening Pandora's Box for Caroly. She got to discuss what women ask for from Didier and they tried a few things, including anal play for both of them. It was kinda hot, Didier getting all worked up from what Caroly was doing to him. At the same time, Caroly is struggling with jealousy of the time he spends with these other women. Seems logical, though they obviously started with her paying him for sex. But she feels like their relationship is still a bit precarious, so she keeps these feelings to herself. Another interesting insight into their journey as a couple.