One Night with a Cowboy (Oklahoma Nights, #1) - Cat Johnson Fun, sexy story. I liked how Tucker and Becca met. I liked how they were both cautious at first because of their respective pasts. I enjoyed Tucker getting Becca to loosen up a bit. And I wanted to smack Becca when she left in the morning. On the one hand, I understood her rationale for not exchanging phone numbers, but on the other, she was making a LOT of assumptions about Tucker. For his part, Tucker thought he'd never see her again because she lived in New York. Had he known there was a good chance she'd be moving to Oklahoma, I'm thinking he would have convinced her exchanging info would be a good idea. So when they came face to face again in the most unexpected of places, I can totally see why Tucker jumped to some conclusions that made her behavior look really bad and made him feel like crap. I'm glad he got over it though.

But when he decided to protect Becca without any explanation, and that protection took him away from her and she didn't understand the true reason behind it, my heart was breaking for them. It ended on a very nice HEA, and we got a sneak peak at the next one, which I'm interested in reading as well. Very sweet story.