Rock Chick Redemption (Rock Chick, #3) - Kristen Ashley,  Kelly Brown Another great episode in the series. Boy, when one of The Hot Bunch falls, they fall hard and fast, don't they? And what is it with all these girls who just think they're OK but they're apparently drop-dead gorgeous. Not only do they catch the eye of ONE hot guy, but in this one, Roxie caught the eye of THREE! I did like that Roxie tried very hard to stay out of trouble, unlike the first two in this series. She didn't intend to get abducted by Billy. She tried to get herself out of that as well. I can't even imagine what Hank must have thought when he came back from his walk with Shamus and saw all the chaos in his place but no Roxie. And then to have been more or less impotent while waiting for word of where she was and getting various reports about her status. Especially knowing how far in deep he already was with her.

I also absolutely loved that he would have let her go. Not that he wanted to, but he understood her, and he would have let her go if that's what she really wanted. I'm so glad she'd already figured out she didn't want that.

Anyhoo... another fun story in the Rock Chicks saga. Next one's up next month!