Flirting with Disaster (Camelot, #3) - Ruthie Knox How sweet a story was this? We have Katie, whose high school sweetheart dragged her to Alaska, married her so he could get a cheaper education (with the idea that her turn would come), cleaned out their bank account, and left her. And we have Sean, the shy, quiet boy with the stutter from high school who Katie liked but didn't know very well. Sean, who had a huge crush on Katie in high school, but could never bring himself to speak to her.

After high school, Sean left Camelot, went to California and made a fortune in the tech industry. But his mother passed away, and even though he'd been emancipated from her and hadn't talked to her in years, he returned to Camelot to pack up her home. And while he was there since he got bored (he was procrastinating packing up his mom's home), he decided to work for Katie's brother, Caleb. Which put him back in contact with Katie. Who he still couldn't talk to. As a result, Katie thought he didn't like her.

They end up working a case together because an aging pop star, Judah, requests Katie specifically. But Judah is very vague about what he needs Katie there for. She initially thinks it's for sex, but it soon turns out not to be the case. I loved the odd relationship that Katie forged with Judah. And along the way, Sean finally admits to Katie why he can't talk to her -- the stuttering -- and Katie makes sure Sean knows she could care less about that.

It was a really sweet story of building love between Katie and Sean. A sweet story of Katie sort of reclaiming herself after her failed marriage. Sean coming to terms with his mother and his childhood and his stuttering. And even a minor side story of Judah righting past wrongs and finding love himself.

I hope there will be more in this series. Ms. Knox does a great job of coming up with likable characters for whom you root to get together romantically as well as fix whatever side issues they have. And a stuttering hero? Who would have thought? He was so endearing!