Along Came Trouble - Ruthie Knox Well, thanks to Faye Robertson for demanding more Caleb (see acknowledgments in the back). I absolutely loved Caleb and I am so glad we got his story. This was probably closer to 4-1/2 stars, but the first part of the story dragged a bit for me.

While I wanted to smack Ellen sometimes, I had a lot of respect for how she was trying to live her life. She'd been relegated to second place while growing up with a super talented brother that their mother put on a pedestal. And then, when she married, her husband sort of took over her life, made her dependent on him, then totally stomped all over her. A child resulted from that relationship, but one he wouldn't really know due to his being an alcoholic and therefore having severely restricted access to his son. Not like that seemed to be a big deal to him since he often missed his designated visiting times. Nice guy. Not.

Ellen's next door neighbor is Carly. Carly's husband left her after she became pregnant via artificial insemination. He was shooting blanks, which emasculated him, pobrecito. He sounds like a real winner, too. And at some point, Ellen's brother, pop star Jamie Callahan, came to Ellen's to visit, met Carly, and they had a wild fling. It ended when the paparazzi found out which caused an argument between them and Jamie fled back to California.

But Jamie being in the area and having a fling with a pregnant woman just fed the paparazzi's interest, so they're camped out, trying to get the perfect picture to sell. In steps Caleb, who is ex-military and now owns a security company in town. Caleb who is totally opposite of what Ellen normally goes for. Caleb who just wants to keep Ellen and Carly safe, but neither woman wants his help. Caleb who is instantly attracted to Ellen. And Ellen is attracted, too, but she's worked hard to be independent and doesn't want a man coming in to tell her how to live her life, which is sort of what Caleb is doing, but he's not overbearing about it. I *loved* how he negotiated with Ellen. About everything. To me, it showed he cared how she felt, but Ellen had this really thick wall up and it took her a bit to realize he was completely different from her ex-husband. And not only in the looks department.

So anyway, it was a really sweet love story in the end... two love stories actually, but I was more interested in Caleb and Ellen than Jamie and Carly. My heart was breaking for them for a while, but there was a very satisfying ending.

I look forward to #3!