Lockout (The Alpha Group, #2) - Maya Cross OMG NOOOOOOO! You can't leave it here! I need the next one NOW!!

This one picks up where #1 left off. Like RIGHT after #1 left off. No backtracking to retell parts of the story. Just picks right up with Sebastian trying really hard to explain and get back in Sophia's good graces. I felt like she overreacted in #1, but now I'm certain she did.

So we have a period of happy. And then strained. And then happy again. And then OMG her life is falling apart! My heart was breaking for Sophia. (Though I think she overreacted again. There's a big difference between a lie and not being able to be truthful, and I felt like Sebastian's situation was the latter. And I REALLY think the "secret" is what's involved at the end. I also suspect it's what happened to his ex and why he's letting her go.)

And then the cliffhanger!! I NEED the next one, lol. I have to know where this is going.