Playing to Win (Forbidden Firsts, #1) - Kinley Grey So... I thought this was hot. I was a bit confused at first, because Stacy was sitting in the passenger seat at the beginning and then they were talking about Stacy as if she wasn't there... because she wasn't. Carter was sitting in the passenger seat. So just a little (but important) editing issue.

Often times, f/f is done poorly IMO. It seems cliche. And I guess maybe parts of this were cliche, but it still worked for me. Stacy has sent her step-sister and boyfriend on a little weekend camping trip. They have a game to play from Stacy, and since Carter is competitive and won't give up, she's determined to see Stacy's game through to completion. She didn't realize it would be a sexual game, or a weekend of self-discovery.

Now, I have to admit that it's hard for me to believe this girl went from never having given or received oral sex to a romp with two other women (including fisting) and a man, but it was hot. Ultimately, the game was a way for Stacy to have her step-sister in the way she'd dreamed for a long while. And it was hot.

Have I mentioned it was hot?