Rode Hard, Put Up Wet (Rough Riders, #2) - Lorelei James I marked this as m/m, but really that happened as part of a dream. And I marked this as BDSM, but it was constrained (ha) to D/s and some bondage. There were two stories in this one, and both were sweet. In some cases, it felt like things were glossed over or scenes were rushed. There were definitely some steamy scenes, though the menage was oddly not one of them for me. That was one place that seemed rushed. Like the third was there to just get his jollies and move on, where I would have preferred a more subtle seduction. Something that made me feel like she was cherished. And it just felt empty to me.

At the end, when Macie freaked out, I totally understood. I can't see why Carter didn't. What an idiot! So glad his brothers set him straight, without even really intending to! Just one innocent comment was all it took for Carter to wise up. Duh! I also loved how Jack handled meeting Macie. Good man, Jack.

And while I was happy for Gemma and Cash to have their HEA, I wasn't as interested in their story for some reason. It was still fun to watch them work through their issues, too. When Gemma tied Cash up, I loved that she taunted him instead of touching him. :-) Go Gemma!

While I enjoyed this one more than the first (and I did enjoy the first), neither one of them makes me yearn to read the rest of them. Not sure why that is. But I will continue eventually.