Inked Ever After - Elle Aycart Closer to 4-1/2 stars.

Awwww... I might have a new cavity, this was so sweet! Definitely sexy, too, but I think James is almost too perfect. For the first half of the book, I was thinking this was just going to be a cutesy love-fest with James and Tate both doing everything just right, but then Tate fell apart halfway through, and that, to me, is sort of when the story really began.

At first I wanted to smack her, because I felt like she wasn't giving James what he needed. But then I felt so much empathy for her, and my heart broke with hers as James was comforting her. And I got it. I'm fortunate that I haven't lost someone close to me unexpectedly, and I can't even imagine what someone like that goes through. Considering how Tate kept her family's business going through all of the turmoil, kept her mom and sister as together as they could be... Tate is just amazingly strong. And she wasn't used to having someone as strong as James to lean on, so she just didn't. But she so needed to. I'm so glad James showed her that he could be that person for her and I'm glad she opened up to that. I also thought her "offering" to James, to prove she really loved all of him, was an incredible gesture. The perfect "words" for James to truly believe she was his forever. As if she had a choice, lol.

And they got lots of freaky along the way. James is a very creative lover. :-) Sigh... James is perfect, lol. I don't remember him being such a dirty talker, but it was good. I was fine with that. ;-)

I'm guessing at some point Jack and Elle are going to get together. They act too much like the boy who pulls the girls pigtails on the playground. Tee hee! I also hope we see Em again. I think she needs her own HEA.

Great story... I really enjoyed it.