Replicant - Dani Worth Another good, solid story from Ms. Worth. In this one, we have Jarana, a Gwinarian who is now a bounty hunter after her world had been destroyed. She also happens to be the Gwinarian who Lux from the first book fooled around with in college. Jarana is hunting a Replicant -- a shapeshifter -- who escaped from a penal colony. She meets Erik, a human, and she's extremely attracted to him, and he to her, but he's committed to Maska, his fiancee. Who turns out to be the Replicant Jarana is hunting. In female form. And Erik had no idea Maska was a shapeshifter OR male. So there's some coming to grips with that whole thing. Plus the brewing tension between Jarana and Erik. And then the brewing attraction between Jarana and Maska. And then Jarana sort of acting as a bridge to bring Maska and Erik back together, which proves to be more than any of them would have guessed. But of course, it can't be all tied up and neat... Jarana is still supposed to bring Maska back, and when she realizes who he really is and how he became a prisoner, she knows she has to right a wrong. Plus, she doesn't think she should be part of what Erik and Maska have.

It all works out, and there's lots of sexiness along the way. There's allusion to Maska and Erik being together, but as readers, we don't get to witness it. The sexy times pretty much have Jarana as the central figure, being pleasured by her men. Though the men do touch and kiss quite a bit.

Like I said, another solid story... I look forward to more in the series.