Carmen's New York Climax (Carmen's New York, #1) - Nikki Sex An interesting introduction to Kurt and Carmen. Kurt's friends have hired a call girl for him after a disastrous ending to his last relationship has made him celibate and grumpy. He arrives early, and a real maid (the call girl was supposed to pretend to be a maid) arrives and he jumps her. I suppose it's a good thing Kurt was hot and Carmen was willing, because it might not have gone over so well otherwise. They seem to be perfectly matched, but when Carmen finds out who Kurt thought she was, she bolts. And since she's on the run from an ex, nobody even knows her real name, which makes finding her difficult. The first one sort of ends here. But it was compelling enough for me to want to see where the story was going. I suspect Kurt and Carmen will get their happy ending, but it might be a bit before we get there.