The Princess and the Porn Star - Lauren Gallagher Closer to 4-1/2 stars. I just love a Lauren Gallagher story. She comes up with the most interesting characters in the most interesting situations. And all her stories seem so different. This one is maybe a little bit like [b:Damaged Goods|11520968|Damaged Goods|Lauren Gallagher||16457981] in that you have a male in a profession most women wouldn't be able to handle and a woman who has a lot to lose by opening herself to a relationship with that person.

I loved how Rachel and Lee met. It wasn't Rachel's idea, but the record label thought a porn star would spice up her new video. This was the first video from her album that was supposed to be her comeback. She'd had some substance abuse issues and really fell hard before her assistant, Quinn, kicked her in the ass and made her get help. Lee could tell Rachel was uncomfortable, so he suggested they get to know each other over coffee, which turned out to be an hours-long conversation of them truly getting to know Rachel and Lee, not Olivia and Buck (their alter egos). It made the chemistry in the video really good, but once the public got ahold of it and thrashed Rachel for including a porn star and being "too sexy", her label blamed her. And by then, Rachel and Lee had been seeing a lot of each other. On the down low, of course. Rachel had a morality clause in her record contract.

Boy, Ms. Gallagher got the double-standard right. First, with how anything can be twisted into something catty if you're talking about a girl, but second that a girl dating a porn star monogamously is apparently so much worse than a rock star taking two women to his hotel.

Ultimately, it became a struggle between Rachel trying to do the right thing and trying to do what's best for herself emotionally. And Lee was such a good guy, trying to do what would be right for Rachel, even if it's a 180 from what he needed.

HEA but angsty to get there. My heart was breaking for them so many times.