You Don't Know Jack - Erin McCarthy This was a really cute romance. There were some sexy times, but not much, and not super steamy. Sweet, and urgent, but oddly not super steamy. But that's OK! Because the story kept moving.

Jamie is a social worker living in NYC. She's asked for funding from her roommate's family's foundation, but Jack, who is running the foundation while his grandfather is in a rehabilitation facility, has noticed some odd transactional activity that implies something shady is going down where Jamie works. So he can't give her the money. But he is sort of half-stalking her to see if she could possibly have a hand in what's happening. He quickly decides she isn't involved, but a chance "bump" on the subway sends them both into a sort of instant lust.

But they don't really jump headfirst into that lust on their first date. They're both trying to play it cool until they kiss and sparks fly. But Jamie kinda gets cold feet on the way to his apartment, so they sit in the lobby and talk all night. And THEN they get down and dirty. This whole time, Jamie doesn't know who Jack really is, and Jack is fascinated by this woman who enjoys his company for him, not because he's loaded. So they sort of start this thing out on a series of Jack's lies. Once Jamie finds out, she thinks he had far different intentions, and she bolts.

But fate and destiny have a way of making things work out as they should, including all this happening two weeks before his sister/her roommate is getting married and they're both in the wedding party.

Anyway, lots of great characters in this. Beckwith was hilarious with his slightly wrong/off predictions, yet they were completely "on" in the grand scheme of things. I loved Pops -- he cracked me up. And I felt so bad for Jack as he was trying so hard to get back into Jamie's good graces. He really was a great guy. And while I felt bad for Jack, I could understand Jamie's side as well.

And enjoyable, fun story. Might have to go back and read #1.