The Scottish Prisoner - Diana Gabaldon Ah, Jamie. I know this is a Lord John book, but Jamie made it all that much better. I like Lord John, and I love how he's always trying to find the best outcome for everyone involved. It's the same in this story. I loved how he finally figured out Jamie's reason for returning to Helwater after being given the opportunity to be truly free. And I also loved that Jamie, though he would probably love to see a Scotland and Ireland free of British rule, could see that any attempt would end in failure. A couple of things happened in this one, either through Jamie's storytelling or events he participated in, that really make me wonder how special he is. Between feeling the presence of "something" and that he needed to return the cup to the man the monks had found on the bog, seeing what were implied to be the Fae coming to get Quinn after Jamie buried him. In the Outlander series, he stood next to Frank Randall staring at Claire at the very beginning, and he can dream about things happening when Bree and Roger take the kids back to present time. As with all of this series, the narrators (there were two in this one) were just incredible.

And now, I fall into Jamie withdrawals until December. ~sniff~