Checkmate - Kris Norris This was a pretty compelling stalker storyline. 3-1/2 stars. Kendall's father used to work for Garrick, a sadistic man on the wrong side of the law. When her father saw how heartless Garrick could be, he decided to turn state's evidence and run with his family. They've been running ever since. And Garrick has a particular reason he wants Kendall.

After Garrick kidnaps Kendall's brother to hold as a pawn over her head, FBI agent Dawson Cade gets involved and is immediately drawn to Kendall. He's never crossed the line between protection and lust, but Kendall is pushing all of his buttons and raising every protective instinct he has, even beyond that of an FBI agent.

I enjoyed the suspense part of the story, but there were so many near misses between Kendall and Dawson that once they finally got together, it was at the climax of the story (no pun intended) and I just kinda wanted to move on with the story by then, lol. Not that the scenes weren't steamy, I just wanted to see where the story was going to go.

I also marked this as minor editing issues. There were a LOT of "you"s that should have been "your". And there were a few misused words. Things like "deep seeded" instead of "deep seated"... things like that. Subtle, but it drew me out to think how it should have been. Definitely not enough to ruin the story, though.