Kaleb (Alluring Indulgence, #1) - Nicole Edwards Friends to lovers is one of my favorite themes. I think it's partially the whole saintly "I will not touch him/her because the friendship is too important to me", which then gets obliterated when they can no longer hold back. It's also because by being such good friends first, they have insight into each other that someone brand new couldn't have. At the same time, they fumble with these new feelings because *this* part of the relationship is brand new... they have nothing to compare it to.

Anyway, Zoey and Kaleb have been best friends since forever. Through Zoey's senior prom. Through Zoey's marriage and subsequent divorce. Through Kaleb's near miss with a wench. They've never crossed the line into romance, but they've both secretly held more-than-friends feelings for each other for a really long time. Kaleb happens to overhear Zoey telling her best friend that of course she'd had fantasies about kissing Kaleb. Who hadn't? But that one overheard admission opens up a world of new possibilities. And Kaleb isn't about to let this opportunity pass by.

Zoey and Kaleb are on fire for each other once they give in to the feelings. Kaleb is very alpha male, but he's afraid his aggressive tendencies in bed will scare Zoey off. He finds, to his shock, that Zoey is up for anything he wants to take. Or give. Which includes menage with his best friend. One problem I had with that whole thing was why didn't Kaleb question -- even once, even briefly -- whether Zoey might have the same feelings for Gage as she has for him? She was completely gung ho about the whole thing -- more than once. Granted, there was fire when they were alone, but it just seemed logical for him to wonder. It wasn't a big deal though.

It also seemed like there was a lack of any real conflict in the story. Lots of steamy sex, sometimes instigated by Zoey trying to run from Kaleb and her feelings for him, but lots. Which I'm not complaining about! But usually there's some kind of conflict they have to work through. Not so much here. Just lots of sexy times. And an underlying story about saving her family's land.

A little cliffhangery at the end, but not so bad that I'd die if I didn't read the next one right away. I *will* read the next one because I think I'm really going to enjoy watching the Walker brothers find their matches. And pretty sure I'll like the sexy times, too, lol. I kinda hope she finds an editor, or, if she has one, an additional editor. The issues weren't horrible, but noticeable to me. Enough to mention it. Then again, I'm picky.