Their One and Only - Trista Ann Michaels Probably closer to 4-1/2 stars. This story starts off with a bang. Kaycee is a supermodel. She also has a serial killer stalker who abducts her right away. The FBI gets involved because of the serial killer -- they believe he's taken his ultimate prize since all of his other victims have resembled Kaycee. Tyler and Sam are registered psychics with the FBI. They're brought in because Kaycee dropped a scarf in the struggle. They think it's the serial killer's, but as soon as Sam and Tyler touch the scarf, they know it's hers. Tyler also feels like she is their one and only -- the one woman perfect for them who will love each of them equally.

Being twins, they have a connection to each other. When one loves, the other loves just as strongly, but all the women in their past, while they might have enjoyed the idea of a threesome, were always more interested in one brother more than the other. And only interested in the threesome as a one in a while deal (or once in a lifetime). They bolted when they realized it would be expected full time. But not Kaycee. She didn't understand why the idea of a threesome didn't freak her out since it had never crossed her mind before. She also was confused that her feelings were strong for both men.

Anyway, while Sam and Tyler were trying to keep her safe from the stalker, they were able to spend a lot of (hot) time together, but of course the stalker has to find her again.

It was a very hot story with a nice, believable suspense plot thrown in. Very enjoyable.