Revving Her Up - Joy Daniels This was a sweet, hot story. Sarah is on her way from her job as an attorney in NYC to a spa for some prescribed relaxation when her Porsche breaks down in the middle of nowhere in Virginia. The only guy in town who can fix it is Cole. She thinks he's just a mechanic until he takes her to his gorgeous home which was built with money he earned designing engines for big-name race car drivers. Her awe over his home raises Cole's hackles because his ex-girlfriend was all about the money, totally not about the small town side of Cole. Or even racing, for that matter. But Sarah and Cole are majorly attracted to each other, and when Sarah seems genuinely interested in him and his involvement in racing, things start moving quickly. Problem is, Sarah's prescribed relaxation is due to an inability to climax, and her tendency to over think things ends up ruining what started out as a very hot encounter. But Cole, being a guy very in tune with Sarah's moods, figures out a way to keep things moving in he right direction.

I really liked Cole. I loved that he was so in tune with Sarah -- it wasn't all about him or his pleasure. On the car hood at the racetrack, when he sensed she wasn't into it, I couldn't believe he just pulled out! Without holding a grudge, even. Do guys like that really exist, lol? I didn't like how he jumped to conclusions about Sarah, but at the same time, he'd been led astray by his last girlfriend, so I can see how he would be gunshy, especially with a girl from NYC.

I felt empathy for Sarah, for her issue. With women, sex is very much a brain activity, and hers just wouldn't let her relax and enjoy. I'm so glad that Cole stuck it out and figured out how to get her to relax enough with him to have that breakthrough.

My main complaint about this story is that I wanted more. I wanted to see what would happen once they really made that breakthrough. Maybe have the ex show up and Cole rub it in her face or something, lol... all the while, Cole and Sarah could further explore the D/s stuff they touched on and explore each other more. And of course, as a reader, I'd get more hot scenes, so it's a very selfish request, I'm aware.