Rock Chick Rescue - Kristen Ashley This was another fun Kristen Ashley story. Not smuttastic, but fun. I loved Eddie. Seriously. He might have been a little heavy handed at times, but it was all in Jet's best interest. I have no idea how these women can find trouble -- and so much of it -- so easily! But that's what keeps the story moving.

I about died at the "your kind" being totally (but innocently) misconstrued. And Jet's mortification when her dad sort of set the record straight on that one.

I found myself wanting to smack Jet, but I suppose at the same time, I could understand why she was so certain Eddie would drop her when she got "boring" again. Resulting in her trying so very hard to keep her heart insulated. But Eddie wasn't having any of that.

I loved how Eddie figured her out so quickly. He figured out what each tone of "Eddie" meant, lol. He could see her brain working and figure out what she was thinking and nip any barrier in the bud before she could run away with the thoughts. Considering how often that happened, Eddie was a saint. But he was a saint on a mission, which was to make Jet totally and completely his.

As with the last one, lots of action, people getting shot at, people getting beat up (even Daisy with the black eye, lol)... but it was a fun story that I enjoyed.

Oh, and Tex. I just love Tex. He's not the hot, alpha male that these other main characters are, but he has mega charm and I love his protective nature. Tex and Jet's mom was just awesome. I loved to see him so flummoxed!