The Billionaire Bad Boys Club - Emma Holly Closer to 3-1/2 but not enough to push it to a 4. I did enjoy this book, I just didn't love it like so many others have, and I can't even put my finger on why. It was a sweet story of a strong-willed girl who was forced to make some tough choices when she was young and coming through with flying colors and two men with damaged childhoods who were brought together by their shared background as well as their bisexuality. The boys had been an item (under wraps) for many years. They were male monogamous -- they screwed women, but never other men. Trey and Zane had met Rebecca ten years earlier and Trey had never forgotten her. Now he has the chance to really have her in his life -- their lives, if Zane is on board -- by hiring her. In the meantime, Rebecca meets Zane separately, and they hit it off as well, which makes it easier to initiate the sharing idea when Trey catches Rebecca and Zane in a somewhat compromising position, considering Zane and Trey were a couple as well as Trey and Rebecca had already done their thing, too.

So it was sweet to see them bring her into their inner circle. And the sex was hot, though some of the clinical descriptions of body parts were off-putting. There's a discussion in one of my groups about what to call genitalia, and I have to wonder if this book, while none have been specifically mentioned, was the inspiration for at least one of the comments.

Anyway, I really did enjoy it -- I do love an HEA -- it just wasn't as fabulous for me as many others have indicted it was for them. It's always a risk to read a really hyped book because stories hit everyone differently.