Triple Play - Rhyannon Byrd This is not a new story, though in today's overabundance of the tortured, rich guy, it would probably fit right in.

Denny has been Gabe's personal assistant for a while. She fell for him upon meeting him, but she's been able to keep it professional enough to do her job without her personal feelings getting in the way. She and Gabe seem to tiptoe around each other.

One night after Denny worked late, Gabe's best friend, Jonah, recruits Denny to be Jonah's birthday present. It doesn't take a whole lot of cajoling on Jonah's part, and while Denny can admit she's attracted to Jonah, she knows her feelings for Gabe are a whole different thing.

Gabe resists the gift at first, but then just can't handle it and takes everything Denny is willing to give. And, as Jonah predicted, becomes quite possessive in the process. And somehow breaks through the massive wall Gabe had erected after blaming himself for something that happened many years in the past. It ends in an HEA, which I enjoy.

And while I enjoyed the overall premise of the book, I felt like I didn't quite understand Gabe and Denny's working relationship at first. For some reason, I thought she just worked in his office, not that she was his personal assistant. Besides that, the bulk of this book was just one night of passion. I skipped parts, I'll admit. It was well written, but there were just some descriptions that went on and on and I just wanted to get to the next dialogue, the next action. There were things that easily could have been taken out and the story would not have been missing it. But generally it was an enjoyable story with a satisfying ending.

I might have to see about the next one, where it appears Jonas might meet his match, courtesy of the matchmaking of Denny.