Sunset Heat - Lexxie Couper What are the odds that the Aussie you had a one-night-stand in New York with four months ago would show up as the best man at the first wedding you're supposed to shoot at your new job on Bilby Island? What are the further chances that he's brought his hot English cousin as his "plus one"? And they're both up for a threesome? That's the kind of thing that seems to happen at this resort.

I have to say that Kennedy's entrance was certainly memorable. I guess I'm glad I don't have a debilitating phobia, but it's funny to me that someone could be so frightened of butterflies that it would cause them to bolt from their suite, buck naked. She's kinda lucky that it was Luke she bumped into, since he's already seen her goodies and all. And his cousin Addison, who hasn't, but is the self-proclaimed family rake. He's actually the one who puts "threesome" into everyone's head.

But Kennedy is the one who ran out on Luke back in New York. He was supposed to be her Rebound Guy, not the one she has a connection with, and when she did, she freaked and ran. And Luke hasn't forgotten. Neither has Kennedy. And Ado is just along for the ride.

It ended up being a very sweet story. I wanted to kick Kennedy when she screwed Addison on the beach as she was realizing she only wanted Luke. Likewise, my heart broke a little when Luke started calling that waitress as he was walking away from Kennedy and Ado. It all worked out, but it was a little angsty why they were working things out.