Identity Crisis - Lila Munro This was a nice story. Definitely middle of the road for me.

We have Tori, who had a rough time growing up, who is a submissive. And Chad, a silver-spoon heir, who stumbled upon the BDSM club Tori frequents and pretty much immediately falls in love. Turns out he's dominant, though he doesn't initially show it. Tori doesn't think Chad can really give her what she needs as a submissive, so she sort of torments him by constantly letting other Doms take her away for sessions in the club. But Chad keeps returning. Finally, he gets involved in the play, but he can't inflict the pain Tori feels she needs. Tori also tries to push Chad away because she feels like she won't fit into his world, that she's socially beneath him. Somehow, Chad convinces Tori to marry him with the understanding that he can't live the lifestyle because of who he is, but they'll play three special nights a year. For the most part, it works for them, though Tori would really like more. She loves Chad and understands why it has to be this way.

But Chad has come up with a very special present for their anniversary. Sneaky boy, Chad. Sneaky and creative, too. I suppose it's a little easier to be creative when you're loaded, lol. And we learn why Chad can't inflict the pain, and while his reason is understandable, I'm not sure why it took him several years to tell her. I think it was quite presumptuous on the part of Chad to find someone to add to their relationship on a permanent basis seemingly without talking to Tori about it. It also seemed unrealistic that Ren could love Tori (and vice versa) when they hadn't really spent that much time together. Attraction or strong lust? Sure, but love? Then again, I guess it didn't seem like Chad got to know Tori that well beyond the club (because she wouldn't let him) before proposing marriage, so maybe that's just how this group rolls.

Since I'm not really into the pain aspect of BDSM, the scenes were just okay for me. I think because of all the insta-love, it was hard for me to "feel" what these three people apparently felt for each other. But it was still an enjoyable story.