Passion Next Door - Cara Carnes This was definitely a shorter story, but it makes me wonder what will happen next, which I suppose is good for a #1 in a series. Autumn lives next door to a hottie. Through the thin walls separating their apartment, she hears him pleasuring a different woman once a month (I still want to know why it's only once a month, lol). Since she can't find a man to dominate her like she wants, she's started looking forward to these monthly "dates", because it's the one time she can really indulge in her fantasies and get off really hard.

Only problem is that she hasn't been careful about how loud she gets and her neighbor has heard her and decided he needs to actually meet her. And once he recognizes her submissive nature, invites her to service his friends the following month. So she has to wait an entire month, wondering what they're going to do to her, not knowing who any of them are, after having met her neighbor once and she's going to be blindfolded the entire time... seems a bit far-fetched, but it made for a squishy story, lol. I think I'm going to have to read the next one to see if their relationship continues. At the end of this one, it seemed like it might, but I wonder where it goes from here.