Lord John and the Brotherhood of the Blade - Diana Gabaldon Well, we got the buttsex, lol. I was beginning to wonder if throughout this whole series, we'd know Lord John was gay and had attractions, but he'd never actually have sex with someone as part of the story. And I thought Ms. Gabaldon did a pretty good job when it did happen. It wasn't quite explicit, but it was not fade-to-black either.

I really enjoyed this story. There were parts that dragged, but I'd been so interested in John's history with Percy that I really wanted to listen to this one. I'm wondering if something is going to happen in a future LJ book that makes him hate Percy because in the Outlander series, there's a definite thread of distaste and it didn't feel like it was there at the end of this story.

It was also nice to read about the military accident that was mentioned in Lord John and the Haunted Soldier, which I listened to before this one. His argument with Jamie about whether men can love men was also interesting. When LJ realized that Jamie had been raped... my heart broke for them both. I look forward to [b:Lord John and the Scottish Prisoner|8533018|Lord John and the Scottish Prisoner (Lord John Grey, #3)|Diana Gabaldon|http://d.gr-assets.com/books/1315032379s/8533018.jpg|13400250] because we'll get more Jamie. :-) Plus, I thought Percy said it well when he said that LJ protects everyone. It'll be interesting to see how he protects Jamie. I'm guessing that something happens in The Scottish Prisoner that will soften Jamie's stance toward LJ, because Jamie still seems very rigid with LJ at this point, but Jamie has a platonic fondness for LJ in the Outlander series.

Lastly, it was nice to see Hal get/take back his title after LJ figured out what happened so long ago with their father.