Rock Chick - Kristen Ashley So this was a fun story. I got this free from Amazon a long time ago, and while I really enjoyed Ms. Ashley's Dream Man series, I just hadn't gotten around to this one. Good thing one of my groups is doing a series read!

There wasn't a whole lot of sexing going on in this one, and the sexing that finally (FINALLY) happened seemed very fade-to-black. Sure, we read that he slid in (many times), but next thing you know, it's next scene and they're done. Considering how hot Lee was, I wanted details, lol!

Speaking of Lee, I think he was a little hard on Indy at the beginning. It's like he expected that because he'd finally crooked his finger at her, she was supposed to just automatically accept everything he was telling her and become his literally overnight. As if she might not have actually moved on when he told her he thought of her as a sister. As if she could just say "Okay" and go with the flow, when that's totally not the kind of person she is. And he knows this because he's known her forever.

And I have to admit it was funny seeing Lee go all jealous-possessive when Indy couldn't help but flirt. He kinda had a hand in creating that. Had he not turned her away 10 years ago, she likely wouldn't have perfected the head tilt. Just saying. And while I understand Lee's reasons for pushing her away, knowing that now doesn't take away any of the pain Indy felt at the time, you know?

Anyway, it was a very enjoyable story. There was a time when I was thinking again?! (And not the sex!) But it was still very entertaining. Besides Indy and Lee, Ms. Ashley created a great cast of characters that I'm interested to read more about.