Lost in You (Petal, Georgia, #2) - Lauren Dane I think I love the Murphy family. And maybe the Chases, too. I probably should have read the series that feature the Chases already, but I haven't. And I haven't read #1 of this series, even though I have it. This one was a group read, and I was told I didn't have to read #1 to follow along, which was true. I'm thinking it will be sweet when Anne finally succumbs to Royal.

Anyhoo, this one was about Beth and Joe. Beth is a Murphy in Petal, Georgia. Having been raised there by her negligent, selfish, abusive, alcoholic parents, she's experienced shame. But she's grown to realize that she couldn't control what her parents did when she was young, so it's their shame, not hers. She and her siblings have risen from the destitution in which their parents raised them, and they've all become productive members of society. That they managed to rise above their beginnings is a huge testament to the eldest sister, Tate.

Ben was one of the Murphy boys' good friends in school. He was a bit of a bad boy in his youth, but on a bender, he joined the military and he was sent to Iraq. He came back physically unscarred and with experience as a mechanic that he could use back in the real world. His father has been having some issues lately, so he's home to help his mom deal with that.

And Beth wants him. And isn't afraid to tell him so. She was blunt without being rude or overly pushy. She did have to push because Joe was trying to keep her in the little-sister-of-friend-and-therefore-untouchable-even-though-she's-hot category, but Beth wasn't having any of that. Unfortunately, Ben feels like he can't deal with her and his father at the same time and almost ruins a great thing.

I thought Beth and Joe made a good pair. Beth was so strong and funny and accepting, and that's exactly what Joe needed. I wanted to smack him a few times. Really hard, lol. But it ended up on a good note which makes me happy. I'll have to go back and read #1 now and then wait for the others to come out.