Feral Sins - Suzanne  Wright I've been seeing this for a couple of months now on friends' reviews. People raving about how great it is. It took an Audible email for me to give it a shot, mostly because I don't really read much PNR anymore. But I can listen to it! So I grabbed it, and I'm glad I did. Very interesting story. Great narrator, too, BTW.

It started off with a bang with Taryn waking after being kidnapped by Trey's pack to form a deal. Taryn's an alpha female, but her wolf is latent, and her father, the alpha of her pack, has been a dick to her since he found out her wolf is latent. As if she's less of a pack member because she's female AND her wolf is latent. Trey is looking to make a pack alliance with Taryn's father and thinks if he and Taryn pretend to be true mates, it will force Taryn's father into an alliance with him. Trey left his own pack with several others when he had a (rather violent) falling out with his father, alpha of the pack, and uncle. Trey's father has now died and his uncle is alpha of Trey's old pack, and he's trying to force Trey to join with him, which Trey doesn't want to do.

Taryn and Trey believe their true mates died long ago, but they believe they can make it look good, so they agree to be together for 12 weeks until the challenge by Trey's uncle is done. Lots of interesting things happen during those 12 weeks.

Besides Taryn's sarcastic humor, Dominic's hilarious one-liners, and Trey's great dirty talk, I think I liked that Taryn was an alpha female with power in her own right, even though her wolf was latent. I'm not sure that I've read a shifter book where the alpha male mates with an alpha female or where the female is as strong as Taryn. I loved that just because Taryn's wolf was latent, she didn't let it hold her back and, in fact, made sure she could still defend herself, both verbally and physically.

Very interesting story, and I'll be looking for the next one which I think is coming out soon.

Oh... I read several reviews and I understand there was an orgy scene at some point in an earlier version. The audio version did not have this scene, and considering how possessive Trey was of Taryn, even when he was trying to distance himself from her, I just can't see him willingly sharing her, if that's what happened. I didn't miss the orgy scene. I thought the book I heard was complete without it.