Lord John And The Hand Of Devils - Diana Gabaldon So I did enjoy these stories, but I dunno... I think because they weren't really linked, other than that each was Lord John... just didn't "do it" for me. I absolutely love hearing all the "proper" speaking of the time, and I always feel a bit smarter hearing all the big words, lol. And I love Lord John's sense of rightness. And it's always interesting to watch him walk the line of his homosexuality. The stories were good, but I didn't find myself drawn to them like I do with Outlander... where if I'm not listening, I'm still thinking about the story. But they were still interesting. I think the next one will be better because it's a single, full-length story. Also, I think we'll learn much more about Percy and his appearance (and John's discomfort with it) in Echo in the Bone will make more sense.

Note: I reviewed the wrong book the first time!!