Kithra - Dani Worth This was an interesting read and I enjoyed it. Probably closer to 3-1/2 stars, but I rounded up. Glad it was picked as a group read or I might have missed it. I don't really "do" sci-fi unless it's recommended.

I liked how Lux and Kol sort of had this underlying sexual tension before anything started. I applaud Lux's willpower to avoid entanglements with her crew, and I think it was a brilliant move for Kol to make sure they were no longer captain/subordinate before this trip began. The addition of Egan was interesting. It took a bit to figure out Egan and Kol's history. I can't even imagine what Egan went through. And, sadly, I can totally see people from Earth using a planet to the point it becomes unstable. It's what we do, isn't it? Use all our resources until they're gone or destroyed... but I digress.

While I really enjoyed the interactions between Lux, Kol and Kithra and they were certainly steamy, I almost felt cheated by the m/m interaction. I kind of expected a little more. Like the boys screwing, not just oral sex. And while we didn't get screwing, I think they were on their way there. I wonder if they'll get there in future books in the series or if the next book is about different people. Either way, it was an interesting start to the series, and I'll likely continue.