Dream Machine - Jayne Rylon It's a good thing none of my doctors are hot or I might have some uncomfortable fantasies next time I have to go. Phew! This was steamy. Even just the first time Becca got nude and it was just an "exam". Is it hot in here, or is it just me? It got steamier from there.

I wanted to smack Kurt so many times. Well, both of them. They were working against each other while working right up against each other, if you get my meaning. ~wink, wink, nudge, nudge~ Kurt kept trying to deny his feelings, and so he'd say things that were kinda harsh in the light of day, which in turn hurt Becca because she kept expecting it all to not be real. She didn't think Kurt could possibly really be hot for her. And he'd say something that, to her, meant it was all a scientific experiment and she was alone in her attraction.

Speaking of the experiment, I'm pretty sure they violated every possible ethical and procedural guideline in existence, lol. I'm no scientist, but I found myself balking a little bit at how the experiment was conducted. As if they could really have used any of the data obtained via the experiment. Everything seemed to be tainted from the get go. BUT, it was still a super steamy story, and I continued to remind myself it's fiction and suspend reality for a while.

A nice little HEA out of this one, but one they both really had to fight for.