Stay - Selena Kitt So I started out wanting to bawl with this one. A woman's dog is really sick and just not doing well, yet Claire doesn't want to let him go... because he's the last link to her husband who passed two years earlier.

In dealing with her dog, she meets a new, compassionate veterinarian, Mary. Mary tries to tell Claire to put the dog down, but realizes she's sort of fighting an uphill battle. But that night, the dog takes a turn for the worse, Claire calls Mary, and Mary comes to help her deal with the dog.

And then, stuff happens between them.

It was sort of strange to have been so sad a few minutes before about the dog and her despair and then they're all hot and bothered. It's was steamy, sure, but I've always had problems switching from sad to hot in other stories. But, it turned out to be exactly what Claire needed to move on from her husband's death, to feel alive again as she hadn't for the past two years. Maybe a strange way to do it, but it worked for Claire.